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Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Programme

Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot

If you dream of taking to the skies, it’s time to realise your ambition. As a Cadet Pilot, you’ll be part of a diverse team of people who are dedicated to enhancing one of the world’s leading airlines.


You don’t need actual flight experience, however an aptitude and a passion for aviation is essential. On your journey towards a long-term career goal to become a Cathay Pacific Captain, you will be trained, developed and supported by highly skilled professionals. Expand your horizons by becoming an integral part of a dynamic and challenging environment. With Cathay Pacific, the world of aviation is yours to discover.

Course outline

We’re here to expand your horizons, and offer you a variety of experiences that will help you soar. The Cadet Pilot Programme is a 55 week long training programme conducted at Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) in Australia. FTA has successfully trained airline cadets since 1982 and is equipped with the very latest in technology, simulators and resources.

The Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Programme typically comprises training for people with little or no flying experience. Our goal is to help you achieve your dream of becoming a fully qualified Second Officer at Cathay Pacific.

You will initially undergo just over one year of training at Australia’s Flight Training Adelaide (FTA). Training includes 160 hours of flying by day and night, in a variety of single and twin-engine light aircraft, and 40 hours in simulators. Our intensive programme of classroom lectures will also prepare you for the many examinations that must be passed before you can obtain your CPL licence.

After successful completion of the FTA course, you will return to Hong Kong as a Second Officer, and embark on your new career. The first three to five months of your return will focus on induction, ground school training, full-flight simulator sessions, and line flying. These three months are intended to consolidate what you’ve learnt about multi-crew operations, as well as introduce commercial considerations and other operational requirements. You will also learn more technical aspects that are specific to the aircraft type that you will fly.


The Cadet Pilot Programme is a 55 week programme for Hong Kong permanent Identity card holders with zero or little flying experience. There are also two entry programmes to incorporate global applicants, these include:

The Advanced Entry programme – a 32 week programme for applicants who possess an ICAO CPL and have in excess of 250 hours flight time in specified categories.

The Transition Training programme – a 5 week programme for applicants with an ICAO ATPL, with a minimum of 1500 hours total time, including 500 hours multi-engine time on aircraft with a MTOW greater than 2000kg.
Training Facilities Adelaide.

Cathay Pacific Pilot


At Cathay Pacific, there’s a world of opportunity. We are not only looking for people with flight experience; we are looking for people who share our passion for flying, success, safety, learning, and professionalism.

There are several stages in our selection process. Initially, two stages of interviews will assess you on many levels. We will want to gauge your discipline, determination, ambition, enthusiasm for aviation, problem solving skills, competencies in mathematics and English, your technical aptitude and, of course, compatibility with our corporate standards.

You will also:

  • Be physically fit and qualify for a Class 1 Medical
  • Meet our flight deck reach requirements
  • Have the right of abode in Hong Kong
  • Have a secondary school education with good passes in mathematics and science, or a degree or diploma, or passes in all ATPL subjects
  • Be 18 years of age or more.

If you successfully navigate the interview process, you will be sent to Adelaide for your flight grading assessment.

If successful during this final assessment you will then commence your training.



Your flight training course will be conducted at Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) in Australia. Training consists of technical ground school, Hong Kong ATPL subjects, and flight training. All programmes introduce and/or consolidate jet aircraft operation, multi-crew operations, safety standards, efficient operation, passenger considerations and flight operation disciplines while introducing Cathay Pacific’s standard operating procedures.

When you successfully complete the course and have passed all the necessary exams, you will be issued with a Hong Kong Commercial Pilot’s Licence.


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