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Heng Lysiang asked 2 years ago

Good Morning! May You answer my questions ask below:
1. How to be cabin crew?
2. How to improve that characteristic?
3. Why many companies need man less than women?

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iFly Global Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Heng, how are you? and thank you for your questions.
To be a cabin crew, you must be able to meet the airline’s selection criteria and requirements, such as height, weight, education and personality. Every airline has their own selection criteria.
In order for you to improve your characteristics, you must be a people person, meaning you must be able to communicate and be friendly. When you carry such value, definitely it increases your characteristics and makes you look good. Remember, for good looks, you’re born with it, but no one can stop you from looking good. Expose yourself to be more people oriented and meet more people and talk to them to enrich your communication skills. This will give you an added value when you attend interviews as it will come naturally to you to communicate with the interviewers.
Smile more as it never hurts…for now….did you lose anything? See…it never hurts.
It is not that airlines require more women than men. It all depends with the airlines branding and approach. 1960’s the industry was 100% women but now its more of a balance of women and men.

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