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Siti Amanda asked 12 months ago

I’m from Malaysia and I want to be Flight Attendant.
1) What happens if I pass my SPM result but i don’t have credit for just subject Bahasa Malaysia ?
2) Do I need job experience before becoming a flight attendant?

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iFly Global Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Siti Amanda, Thanks for your question. Every airline has their own individual requirements relating to Cabin Crew applications. You can usually see the English language and other language requirements listed in the advertisements for the Cabin Crew positions, so as long as you meet the requirements you can still apply 🙂
Whilst occasionally an airline will be looking for applicants with previous experience, for the most part you do not need any previous experience to apply for most Cabin Crew positions,
Keep a lookout on our website and Facebook page for suitable Cabin Crew recruitment events and advertisements that you can apply for. Wishing you all the best with your applications 🙂
If you are having trouble getting through the interview stages after you apply with an airline you may want to consider a preparatory course to help you perform well at the interviews. There are a number of Cabin Crew prep courses around and you can also find more information here:

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