Lawrence Luiz asked 2 years ago

Hi, I’m Lawrence. It’s a pleasure to be given this opportunity to ask a question regarding the qualification or requirements for Pilot. First of all, I didn’t take Physics subject in my high school before. But, I do have a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering which is also inclusive of Engineering Science  which is similar with the Physics subject. I know to be a Pilot require Physics subject, but i believe with the results that i get for my Engineering Science, hope it will help to support my application as i am really interested to be involve in aviation. i really appreciate if you could assist me and guide me to make dreams come true. 
Thank you.
Best regards,
Lawrence Luiz Justin

1 Answers
iFly Global Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Lawrence, thank you so much for your message. Qualification for pilot may vary from country to country. For instance some countries only require High School Certificate and some requires degree. I will be more than delighted to guide you but i do need to know which country are you from. 

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