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Ahmad Farhan Abdullah asked 2 years ago

Hello iFly,
My name is Ahmad Farhan, I am 26 years old by this year and living in Malaysia. I am from pure science class during high school, and got my highest qualification as in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. 
Bythe way, I am about to enrolling into a flying class in HM Aerospace Langkawi to get my CPL/IR there. It takes more less 2 years to graduate from the flying school. By refering my age, assuming 28 or 29 years old on that time. 
So, my question is about the compatibility by what am i doing to pursuing my dreams to become a pilot ? Even though my age are about to reach 30 years old.
Secondly, about the chances of vacancies for piloting in the next 2 to 3 years.
By taking this opportunity, please do enlight me by your guidance. Sweet.
Thank you,
Best Regards.
Ahmad Farhan 

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