Air Japan

Air Japan B767 First Officer Jobs | Type Rated and Non-Type Rated

Due to Air Japan’s continued growth and active upgrading of their First Officers to Command positions, contracts with Air Japan for First Officers on the B767 for both type rated and non-type rated experienced airline pilots are now available. Position: Rated or Non Rated B767 First Officer Duration of Contract: 5 Years Base of Operation: Narita (Tokyo), Japan Contract Commencing: Summer 2016 and beyond Minimum Requirements In excess of 3,000 hours total time and in excess of 1,000 hours commercial airline jet time (corporate/business jet/turboprop hours not accepted) 250 hours Pilot in Command on any aircraft OR 70 hours as PIC with the remaining as PICUS/P1 Under Supervision OR 500 hours as PICUS/P1 Under Supervision 100 hours PIC or PICUS Cross Country, 200 hours Cross Country 100 hours...

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