Youngest Emirati Female A380 Pilot

The video shows captain Nevin Darwish, from Egypt, and first officer Alia Al Muhairi, an Emirati, flying the iconic Airbus A380 from Dubai to Vienna.

Jet Airways Plane Escorted By German Air Force After Going Silent Mid-Air

Dramatic footage of the incident, posted by website Aviation Herald, showed the Jet Airways flight being escorted by two fighter jets - vapour trails billowing in their wake. NDTV cannot verify the authenticity of the video.

World’s Largest Twin-Engine Jet has Foldable Wings!

Boeing finalised designs for the 777-9X, which has folding wings and is expected to be the world's largest twin-engine jet when it begins service in 2020.

The Largest Miniature Airport in Asia

This attraction will be the first in Thailand, and in fact the largest Miniature Town in Asia. Among the 11 cityscape layouts is a scale motion enhanced Airport with aircraft that move around both on the ground and in the air taking off and landing as a part of their programmed flight paths! (video is example only of the attraction - this video is from the similar attraction Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg Germany.)

Finally, the first new Macbook Pro in more than 4 years

It’s faster and more powerful than before, yet remarkably thinner and lighter. It has the brightest, most colourful Mac notebook display ever. And it introduces the Touch Bar — a Multi-Touch enabled strip of glass built into the keyboard for instant access to the tools you want, right when you want them.

A Faster Way To Make an Airliner

Check out this short video showcasing some of the ways modern airplane makers use cutting edge technology to build planes faster and safer while ensuring exceptionally high standards are maintained

Alpha Jetman | Human Flight and Beyond

The Patrouille de France and the three Jetmen Yves Rossy, Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen fly together in an unprecedented aerial choreography. Two different aeronautical experiences come together as one adventure, portraying the beauty of human flight and beyond.

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