Eva Air

Eva Air B777 First Officers | Non-Type Rated

Non-Type Rated First Officers to work for Eva Air. Conversion to Boeing 777   Job description   Base: Taipei (Taiwan); Contract: 3 years (extendable); Salary: Attractive salary package + bonuses; Working schedule: 8 block days off per month; Transportation: provided; Insurance: provided; Travel benefits: provided; Loss of license insurance: provided; Accommodation: Company facilities or rental subsidy. Requirements   Valid ICAO ATPL, JAA ATPL(A) or FAA ATPL with first class Medical; 2,000 total flight hours; 500 hours in commercial multi-engine, multi crew jet, MTOW > 20 tons; No-incident/accident certificate issued by authority or previous employer; 5 years of employment reference from aviation industry; ICAO Aviation English Minimum Level Four certificate or FAA English...

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